Had a bit of trouble with this wordpress blog site. Looks like trouble came when installing that caching plugin, not sure though. Because it did work for a couple of weeks and really speeded up the site. The dashboard and other configuration pages, even the login page was completely messed up. Site itself worked though. […]

something on seo

It doesn’t work anymore. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise or even sell it to you as a service. If you have money to waste, waste it on content or waste it on adwords In my humble opinion, on this issue, google does 2 things: – it values valuable content higher then anything else and […]


Took me a while to explain why it is so important that the source files for some programs should be available to the public before you ever consider using them. A personal password database like keepass for example is such software. And so that its possible to gcc the thing yourself. And so you know […]

ghosts from the past

update: Prrrrroud to present my homepage in this style for no particular retro reason : A site of a famous person in this (absence of) style: The attentive reader notices a more white instead of a grey background here. My page is intentionally made grey, to mimick the default background of the old […]

whenever i feel

whenever i feel there’s something to say why not do that without bothering people on their timelines (i use facebook, twitter sometimes and tried a few others) dunnow if they’re still active. Brings to mind the idea of sleeping or dead or abandoned accounts. I think there are a lot. Or simply fake accounts to […]